8 Cyber Security Tips for Travelers

Data security is a major concern for travelers today, and with Russia hosting the World Cup this year, articles and stories about data security have been even more frequent in the media from Conde Nast Traveler to The New York Times. Funny, but not funny! We may listen to the warnings about data security breaches during this major event, but on a regular basis when we travel, most of us underestimate the risk to our personal data that comes with connecting to public, shared, or unsecure WiFi. Few people are suspicious of a luxury hotel’s lobby WiFi or would hesitate to send work emails from the public airport network, or at business conference event. But you can outsmart potential hackers!

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Recent estimates showed that 87% of consumers had at some point potentially put information at risk while using public WiFi. And the scariest fact is that your data can be compromised by everyday activities, not just online banking, as many people think: simply logging onto your personal or corporate email from an airport lounge can give hackers access to an alarming volume of your personal data.

How they do it?

Harvard Business Review describes the two most common methods of hacking. “Man in the Middle” allow hackers to intercept traffic between a user’s device and the destination by making the victim’s device think that the hacker’s machine is the access point to the internet.  The “Evil Twin” technique means setting up a malicious free WiFi network with a name similar to the one of the hotel or the airport. Being cost conscious about your data and recognizing the name of the hotel, you could innocently connect to the hacker’s network! As you surf the web or do your online banking, all your activity could be monitored by some shady characters.

What can be stolen?

What can you do to avoid being hacked?

Most of these options sound like a hassle and almost impossible, right? Maybe our last option stood out to you as a more ideal option? Instead of following all these steps 1-7, you can simply buy Skyroam Solis 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and powerbank and stop using public WiFi altogether! Skyroam Solis delivers you a safe, encrypted connection which means that your data goes to the carrier’s highly secured private network directly before it reaches the public internet, whereas in the case of public WiFi, users data security is at the mercy of hotel and local merchant’s IT person. With Skyroam’s data services and hotspots, you will be always in control of your own data. And yes, you even can carry your pocket-sized WiFi hotspot around, without locking you digital life within the hotel walls!

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