Derek “Cyber Warrior” Scheller

Founder of Cyber Warrior Studios, Derek goes by Cyber Warrior and has been working towards developing a community of inclusivity and growth. With many of the community not knowing how to get started, or feeling less than because their opinions have been undervalued, he shows a drive to get people, no matter their experience level, a seat at the table. However, this is not by joining those that would berate or diminish our capabilities, it is by working with the community as a whole to build a brand new table. One that we all can sit at. 

To help accomplish this Derek has shows such as Motivation Monday, Tech Tuesday, and Security Happy Hour that are meant to be a way for everyone to be involved. Though he is grateful for the opportunities he has been given in his life, the family that he has, and the support structure that has helped keep him afloat. He knows that without the support of the IT and Cyber community in its entirety he would not be able to do what he does today. 

Shows Hosted:

Motivation Monday – Short videos meant to provide motivation and purpose. Posted every Monday to the Cyber Warrior Studios YouTube channel.

Tech Tuesday – Originally short videos only posted to YouTube, this is now an hour long live stream that takes place at 9PM EST on Tuesday Nights on YouTube and Twitch. Join Cyber Warrior as he guides you through training and tutorials that can change direction to help the audience dig in further.

Security Happy Hour – Bring your favorite beverage and come join Cyber Warrior every Friday night at 10PM Eastern as he hosts guests both new and experienced from all over the industry. Once again this show is live on both YouTube and Twitch.

If you wish to support Derek’s mission please consider becoming a patron on Patreon or buying him a beer or 10 on BuyMeACoffee.


Hello my name is Devilray, I am a transitioning Air Force Vet coming from no professional IT background heading into Cyber Security with the end goal of becoming a Penetration Tester. Most of what I know comes from self study but current a college student going for my Bachelor’s in Computer information science with a primary focus of cyber security. Been messing with computers for a few years recreationally and only recently started chasing a career in Cyber Security and IT.

Shows Hosted:

Devilray Pentesting: Pre-recorded show going through the basics and some of the more intrinsic points of penetration testing.

If you would like to support Devilray please consider becoming a patron on Patreon or buy him a coffee on BuyMeACoffee.