The Past

In 2020 I started what I like to think of as an amazing community of cyber warriors and potential cyber warriors. Starting with just a YouTube channel and Twitter account I began reaching out to others in the community to grow. The entire purpose of this project is not only to build a place for all those who feel like they can’t make it or feel excluded, but also for veterans in the field to be mentors to others. From YouTube and Twitter I spawned a Discord server. This community has been a blessing to me. I have met some great people, and through all the drama that is on social media I was able to keep building and growing.

YouTube has been a great place to spread motivation with Motivation Monday, some tutorials and tech talk with Tech Tuesday, a few crazy stories brought to you on WTF Wednesday, and last but not least Security Happy Hour. It was through Security Happy Hour that I got to meet and talk to the likes of Shannon Morse, Davin Jackson, Tyrone Wilson, Kim Crawley, Alyssa Miller, David Fraley, and so many others. I look to continue with the shows every week and as we head into the future of Cyber Warrior Studios.

The Future

That brings me to the future of Cyber Warrior Studios. Where do we go from here, is it just looking to grow on YouTube? While that is a necessity temporarily, it is not the end all be all. You see beyond my own shows I look to start a community of IT and Cyber Security streamers. A new service where you no longer have to worry about your content being removed or flagged for “legality” as long as what you are teaching is of course legal. What I mean by that is if you are looking to provide a tutorial on say metasploit then as long as you are using a personal lab, hack the box, or similarly hosted machine then go for it. Our only requirement will be that you don’t show companies being breached, or vulnerabilities discovered prior to the responsible disclosure timeline.

Along with these subjects, I want it to be a place for news, and other tv shows that wouldn’t normally be found on tv. Shows that show how IT and cybersecurity work are in reality as well as comedies and any other shows that revolve around technical topics. This will be a premier streaming service for those who want better content for the community.

Beyond the streaming service, I want to grow the community and provide a place where mentors and mentees can meet. I want somewhere safe for everyone, where if you know nothing you are welcome, if you have 10 certifications and a doctorate great help someone out you are welcome, if you just want to chat and vent about the frustrations of the day then bring it on we want you too. Understand, the cyber world like any other part of the world has elitists and egomaniacs that only want for them. Cyber Warrior Studios will be a place where we put those people to shame by providing growth, inclusion, and learning. Venting your frustrations in a way free from judgement (jokes maybe), but never judgement.

Getting There

Now in order for Cyber Warrior Studios to get to where it should be it needs the support of the community it is trying to help. I am calling out for assistance with funding and pro-bono work to help with development of all streaming services. Should you enjoy the work and want to continue being a part of the end game then your actions will not go without notice. You will become a fully paid member of staff when it gets to that point. If you would like to support our growth financially please consider the following methods.

Patreon Membership:



CashApp: $CyberWarriorStudios

All proceeds will be invested back into the business so as to provide the ability for computing costs and content creation, as well as merchandise.

If you just want to join the community we are building then you can also join our Discord server

Finally until we can get the streaming service up and running please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel or Twitch stream and sharing any content that you enjoy. Keep in mind that Security Happy Hour is also in Podcast form on many of the major platforms including but not limited to Spotify, Apple, Google, and Amazon.




– Cyber Warrior